Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vintage is the New Go Green

What better way to GO Green, utilize vintage in your life. There are so many ways to use vintage in your daily life and also to pamper yourself. Vintage items have such ambiance, penache and usually you get one of a kind. This makes you a unique individual who embraces repurposing and going green.

Lets take a look at the Vanity Items which includes your Boudoir. Here are some wonderful pieces .

Vintage Eclectic Powder Compact

French Parfum OooooLala

or Wedgwood Jasperware

and matching Wedgwood Trinket Dish

Lets Take a Look at Accessories

Vintage French Hand Made Tapestry Purse by Walborg


Rose said...

I'm impressed with all the vintaqe pieces.

I love your Blog. I am going to sign up as a "Follower".


icandy... said...

Oh yeah!!! Go Green! It's all about re-use and recycling!!! Isn't it fun to find new uses for old things? I followed you from Eco-chic and hope to visit with you often!
BTW, I have the same Wedgewood trinket dish, we're collectors- have you seen one of the baby blue pieces? My folks just found one at an antique mall and were really excited! The black is very striking, as well! :)